Transforma Ladder System

Transforma Ladder System

This is the best ladder I have ever had and in my opinion worth the investment. Transforma Ladder System is not cheap, you will give you years of service and should be on your list of wants when it comes to tools for your workshop. Every handyman needs a good ladder to undertake the various jobs around the home safely.

A number of years ago, when helping my father upgrade his covered pergola and fernery I was using his light weight aluminium ladder. When I was pulling the shade clothe off, the side stays which kept the ladder in its “A” shape gave way resulting in me having a heavy fall. Fortunately I was extremely lucky and did not hurt myself. I vowed then that I would never use a light weight ladder again and to buy myself the best ladder I could find.

This is the reason why I bought the Transforma Ladder System. It is rated at 180kgs and is so strong and sturdy. I always feel comfortable on it no matter what the job is that I am doing. It is, my opinion, that it is stronger than similar ladders that have come onto the market

It does everything the presenters on the commercial advertisementsTransforma Ladders are so versatile and safe to use                           say it will do. It is great for working on uneven surfaces, stairways, inside or outside. I can fit it in the back of my car so if I have a job to do elsewhere I                can easily take it with me.

See what you can do with the Transforma Ladder System.

I am a huge fan of the Transforma Ladder System.



Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

Irwin Quick Grip clamps - easy to use one handed operationAfter seeing how easy the Irwin Quick Grip Clamps were to use when helping a friend with one of his projects I had to have them. I had always used and had in my kit the older style “G”clamp or woodwork clamps.

The pads on the Irwin Quick Grip Clamp means that you do not have to worry about using offcuts to protect the job you are working on. However, I would recommend protecting your material if you are using soft timbers.

They are quick and easy to use and come in a variety of types and sizes up to 910mm and in light, medium and heavy duty. My first purchase of the Irwin clamps was a multi pack of 4 clamps. I use them often.

I can certainly recommend these clamps for your woodwork and timber projects.


Tile Lippage Leveling System

DTA Lippage Leveling System makes tiling easy for the DIYer DTA Lippage Levelling System

As a handyman and now an owner builder doing extensive renovations and extensions to our home I am always wanting achieve a great result. I have only ever tiled using smaller format tiles so when planning to tile our new ensuite with 600mm x 300mm tiles I wanted to ensure I minimised the possibility of lippage.

Lippage is when the tiles are laid and the glue has set resulting in the face surface of the tiles being uneven. If this occurs your choices are to either rip the tiles up and relay them which an expensive option or accept the finished job and leave it in place.

My research showed there are a number in systems available from either hardware and building supply stores or tiles stores.

I chose the DTA Lippage Leveling System which includes the Spacers which fit between and behind the tiles and has a stem onto which the Lippage Cap is placed then tightened onto the tile to prevent lippage using Leveling Gun. There are other systems which use a spacer and wedge or a spacer and a screw on cap.

The Leveling gun is used to install the leveling caps at the right tension

The DTA system was easy to use but it did take a while to get use to      how much pressure you could exert with the Leveling Gun to secure    the  lippage cap. I did break off several of the spacers before I got use  to using the system. The caps are reusable.

This Youtube video shows how simple the system is.