About Us

As young teenager I was encouraged by my father to use tools, repair and build things, learn how things work and do to the best I could. Dad did not have many tools so he “drummed” into me to look after what he had.

My tool collection soon started to grow, many of which I still have and use regularly. In more recent years, brushless battery operated tools have been added to my kit.

Over the years I have gained experience across many trades and skills that you can learn as a handyman and DIY enthusiast. I continue to learn with my current project being an extension and renovation of our home as an owner builder.

Having the right tool for the right job and knowing what tool to buy, how much you need to spend so that the chosen tool will do what you want it to do and provide good service can be difficult and at times daunting.

The purpose of this web site is to help provide readers / users with the opportunity to find reviews of handyman tools they are considering purchasing so that they can make an informed decision.