Working Safely With Tools

Working Safely With ToolsThe most important thing for the modern handyperson to do once they have decided on what tool they are going to use for the task at hand is to ensure that they work safely. This may sound obvious, but the statistics show that one of the highest groups of people who are injured are the middle aged male undertaking DIY or handyman tasks.

This is probably because middle aged group have grown up in an era that safety was rarely considered compared to current day practices and procedures. In recent years considerable improvements have been made in the area of safe work practices on building and construction sites which translates into the younger members of the population being more aware.

Working safely at home on you DIY project is not hard, in fact it is very simple with some thought and planning. You owe it to yourself and your family to take the necessary precautions to work safely.

Injuries from unsafe or careless act can be as simple as a cut or gash and in the most extreme cases total and permanent disabilities or your death or the death of another. I don’t like to sound dramatic but it can happen so easily in an instant.

There are volumes of information of how to work safely on the internet. If you don’t know someone who can advise you then I suggest you google the particular job you need to do. For example how do I work on a ladder safely or “how to change a light globe safely”.

Most tools have sold with an Operations Manual or Guide. If these do not provide the answers then search the manufacturers web site. Sites like YouTube can also be a source of information.

Simple Steps to working safely can include

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses or goggles, gloves, enclosed shoes, dust masks and ear muffs or plugs.

Ensure you use the most suitable and appropriate tool which is designed for the job you are doing.

That all tools are in good condition including that the power lead are not frayed or damaged .

If using a ladder make sure you are using the correct ladder for the job, that it is on level ground, secured properly and that you do not overstretch. Many injuries have occurred because the user has tried to reach too far instead of taking the time to move and reset the ladder.

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