Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

Irwin Quick Grip clamps - easy to use one handed operationAfter seeing how easy the Irwin Quick Grip Clamps were to use when helping a friend with one of his projects I had to have them. I had always used and had in my kit the older style “G”clamp or woodwork clamps.

The pads on the Irwin Quick Grip Clamp means that you do not have to worry about using offcuts to protect the job you are working on. However, I would recommend protecting your material if you are using soft timbers.

They are quick and easy to use and come in a variety of types and sizes up to 910mm and in light, medium and heavy duty. My first purchase of the Irwin clamps was a multi pack of 4 clamps. I use them often.

I can certainly recommend these clamps for your woodwork and timber projects.